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Access My Course (K-12 Students)

Intended Audience: Students 


To access their online courses, students are required to log in to the Student Learning Portal (SLP). The following process details how a student can access their courses.


  1. To begin, login to the Student Learning Portal (SLP). As a result, the Dashboard page will be displayed.
  2. Subsequently, identify the course tile and click on the Open Course button. Please note that if the Open Course button is not visible, the course may not have commenced. Verify the dates beneath the instructor's name to determine when your course will begin and conclude.
    An issue has been identified in AP Spanish courses; refer to the AP Spanish Gradebook Information for further details.
    The Dashboard is displayed showing the announcements, course tiles and certificates of completion modules. An arrow points to the Open Course button at the bottom of a Physics A course tile.
  3. Upon completing the previous step, the Learning Management System (e.g. Brightspace, Buzz, EdReady) will open in a new tab, granting students access to their course.

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