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AP Spanish Gradebook Information

Intended Audience: Students, Mentors, Guardians


AP Spanish course students utilizing the Student Learning Portal (SLP) and Vista Higher Learning (VHL) may come across discrepancies in their activity and assignment completion progress due to a data transfer problem originating from VHL. To obtain accurate Gradebook information, refer to the details below.



Student Learning Portal: 

AP Spanish course students accessing the Student Learning Portal (SLP) Dashboard might observe a discrepancy in their activity completion progress. The slider bar, which should display the number of completed activities, is currently reporting inaccurate information. We ask that students disregard this information.

In addition to the inaccuracies in the Dashboard's activity progress display, there are multiple issues within the SLP Gradebook.

  • At present, all unattempted assignments are being assigned a "0" grade instead of a null (incomplete) value.
  • The date displayed in the "Completed" column for unattempted assignments shows the date when the student initially accessed the course, rather than the date when the assignment was actually completed. Once the student completes the assignment, the system will update both Earned Points as well as the Completed date accordingly.

Vista Higher Learning:

Course materials are supplied by Vista Higher Learning (VHL). When students access a lesson within their course, they will receive a prompt to open the content in a new window. This new window will then show VHL content. If a student clicks on "Go to Dashboard" located in the top-left corner of the page, they will be directed to the Dashboard containing Assignment information.

Please note that the default count of "Overdue" activities will be incorrect due to inaccurate dates originally set for each assignment.

Furthermore, students who click on "GRADES" from this page will encounter inaccurate assignment due dates

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