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Diagnostic Tests


Diagnostic testing is a very important part of the Essentials program. These tests are the first things students complete in their courses, and are a critical component of the course. Students should take their time and do their very best work on the diagnostic tests. Students should complete the diagnostic tests only when they are ready to begin work on a specific unit instead of going through and taking the diagnostic tests all at once.

Reasons Why Diagnostic Tests are So Important

  • If a student can take and pass a diagnostic test, they do not need to complete the lesson tied to that particular diagnostic test. If a student has already mastered a topic, already knows something, they can keep moving forward!
    Note: Student should make sure they answer all of the questions (and parts of the questions) including essays if there are any.
  • A student should take the diagnostic tests as they are ready to begin working on a particular unit.  This is because in some subjects, the information is scaffolded, meaning that some information for a diagnostic might be found in a previous unit, so it makes sense to try to have as much information as you can before attempting the tests.  Making sure students really understand this component of the course could make all the difference in a student’s experience in the course.

Passing/Not Passing a Diagnostic Test

  • Students can view their diagnostic results immediately following the test, or through the gradebook by clicking “My Grades.”
  • Diagnostic Tests must be passed at 100% in order for a student to test out of a lesson.
  • Diagnostic tests can only be taken once, so it is imperative that students do their best work the first time.
  • Students must complete the test in one sitting.  Therefore, they should only BEGIN a diagnostic when they have the time available to finish it.
  • In accordance with 
    • The Michigan Virtual Academic Integrity Policy, students should not have any other windows open during the test.
    • It is best practice to proctor all student exams to avoid both technology issues and academic integrity issues.

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