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Guardian: Register My Student for an Essentials Credit Recovery Course

Intended Audience: Guardians


The Michigan Virtual's Essentials courses offer a high-quality online solution to students who have failed core classes necessary for graduation or attend an approved alternative education program. This article explains the process for a parent/guardian to search and register for an Essentials Course (Credit Recovery) within the Student Learning Portal (SLP).


  1. To begin, log in to the Student Learning Portal (SLP). If you do not have an account, please refer to the Add Student and Guardian Accounts article.
  2. From the homepage, select Course Registration on the left navigation menu.
  3. Next, choose Essentials Courses from the "Catalog" drop-down search field and click the Apply Filter button. You can further narrow your results by filling out additional search fields.  The course registration page is shown with the available search fields. An arrow points to the Catalog field and to the Apply Filter button.
  4. A table containing your search results will appear. Select the course you want to register your student for by choosing a date range from the "Start Date" column and placing a check in the "Select" column. Click the Register button.
    The Course registration page shows the search fields and results table. Arrows point to the date drop-down field, the select checkbox and to the Register button at the bottom of the page.
  5. Next, review the information on the Course Confirmation page, including the cost and enrollment details, as well as the start and end dates. To proceed with the enrollment, fill in your credit card information and click Make Payment.
    The Course Confirmation page is shown with a table containing course details. An arrow points to the Make Payment button below the credit card fields.
  6. Finally, return to the Guardian Dashboard to view the course. Please note that the Open Course button will not appear until after the course start date.
    The guardian dashboard is displayed showing the course. An arrow points to the course tile on the dashboard.

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