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Collaborative Admin: Check Student Orientation Course Completion Status

Intended Audience: Collaborative Admin Users, Collaborative Instructors
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership.


The completion status of the Student Orientation to Online Learning ("Unit 0") course for any student can be confirmed by Collaborative Instructors and Collaborative Admins. To access their course(s), every student is required to achieve a perfect score of 100% on the quiz in this introductory course, and if necessary, they can retake it until they reach this score. To check the status of this course, please follow the steps mentioned below. Additionally, students can also refer to the article View Progress in Student Orientation to Online Learning Course to keep track of their progress.


  1. First, access your course in Brightspace. If you have multiple courses, open the one that the student is enrolled in. 
  2. On the top navigation bar, tap More, then Course Admin.
  3. Next, tap Competencies within the "Assessment" section.
    The assessment section is shown with an arrow pointing to competencies.
  4. Continue by tapping Student Orientation Competency - Org Level.
    The competency home page is shown with an arrow pointing to student orientation competency org level under available competency structures.
  5. Next, select Results.
    The edit competency page is shown with an arrow pointing to the results button.
  6. Finally, use the search field to look for a particular student or scroll through the list to see the results of the entire class. A checkmark in the "Completed?" column confirms that they have successfully completed the Student Orientation to Online Learning course, whereas an "X" indicates that the student has not completed the course.
    The competency page is shown with an arrow pointing to the search field and another pointing to the completed column.

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