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Micro-credentials: FAQs

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators


The Michigan Virtual Professional Learning Portal (PLP) offers micro-credential learning experiences and awards digital badges to learners who successfully complete them through the Badgr platform developed by Concentric Sky. However, learners might face challenges when claiming their badges or managing their Badgr accounts. This article aims to address common issues and frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I locate micro-credential courses in the PLP?
Learners may access the PLP Course Catalog and use the "Credit Type" filter to select "Micro-Credentials." Using this filter alone will display all available courses.

I was awarded a badge and lost the email. What should I do to retrieve it?
Learners can access their badge without needing the email. To retrieve it, they just need to log in to their Badgr account and visit the backpack where badges are automatically added. 

My email address changed, how do I update my account?
Learners will login to Badgr using their old email address. Once logged in, they will tap "Account" in the menu bar and then select "Profile." Learners will need to then add their new email address and update any outdated contact information. Once the information is saved, they will receive an email with instructions to verify the new email address. Learners should follow the instructions and switch their primary email address to their new contact information. To ensure that previously awarded badges can be verified, we recommend keeping the previous email address listed on the account. To avoid losing access to the account, ensure that a personal email address or social network account to the Badgr account. 

I was awarded a badge, however it does not appear in my backpack. How do I fix this?
During badge awarding, an email address is used to identify the recipient. To claim your badge, this email address must be one of the verified email addresses on your Badgr account. Learners must identify the email address used to award their badge and check whether it is verified on their Badgr account. 

I had a badge, but it suddenly disappeared from my Badgr backpack. What happened?
Badges can be revoked by the issuer. This is the most common reason for it to be removed from the backpack. If learners have reason to believe this was removed by mistake, they may contact our Customer Care Center to obtain additional information.

I have not accepted my pathway invitation and lost the email. What can I do now?
Learners may login to Badgr, tap "Apps" in the menu bar and then select "Pathways." Refer to the "My Pathways" section to view a listing of all pathways they have subscribed to. Learners who have not allowed Badgr access to their account will need to confirm it in step 4. Refer to Badge Awarding & Pathways for additional information.

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