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Micro-credentials: Verify Email Addresses

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators


After completing a micro-credential learning experience, a digital badge is automatically granted to the learner via the Badgr credential platform. To guarantee that the badges earned from the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) are added to their Badgr account, learners will need to follow the below steps.


Step 1. Determine Email Associated with Badge

To determine which email was associated with the awarded badge, learners may either:

  1. Refer to the Michigan Virtual Email containing information about the badge earned. The recipient is the email address associated with the badge. 
  2. Learners my also login to their PLP account and tap Edit Account to view the email address associated with their account. 

Step 2. Check Verified Email Addresses

To claim badges, the learner's email address must be one of the verified email addresses on their Badgr account. Learners will need to perform the following steps to review or add an email address to their Badgr account.

  1. First, login to Badgr
  2. Next, tap the icon displaying the learner's initials (top-right) and select Profile.
  3. As a result, emails and linked accounts will be displayed. If the email address obtained from Step 1 above is not displayed within the "Emails" section, tap the Add link to include it. A confirmation code will be sent to the new email address. Access the code and enter it, then click Continue to confirm the email address. Once confirmed, the badge will automatically appear in the Badgr Backpack.
  4. Finally, it is recommended to keep all email addresses listed within the Badgr account, but make sure to select an active email address as the primary. Removing an email may result in Badges disappearing from the backpack.

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