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Request CEPI-REP/NPSPR Report


The Center of Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) has identified that as a provider of online courses, Michigan Virtual will be treated as a third-party of contracted educational services to districts. As such, LEA, PSA and ISD districts need to report Michigan Virtual instructors in the statewide Registry of Educational Personnel (REP), and nonpublic schools will need to add Michigan Virtual instructors in their Nonpublic School Personnel Report (NPSPR). To assist districts in meeting this requirement, Michigan Virtual has created an individualized data file for each district it serves following the instructions listed below.


  1. First acquire the Request for Michigan Virtual Data for REP/NPSPR Reporting form.
  2. Next, persons who enter/maintain the district’s REP/NPSPR in CEPI are to complete the form by entering the appropriate information in the text fields. This is typically completed by HR staff.
  3. Then email REP at Michigan Virtual with the signed form attached.
  4. Michigan Virtual will review the form and then send, through a secure site, a link to download the data file. The link will require the requester to enter a password in order to download the file.
  5. Then Michigan Virtual will send, in a separate email, the password for downloading the data file.
  6. Finally, download the file using the provided password and then use the data to submit the REP report.

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