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District Reporting: Hand Entering Data into CEPI

Intended Audience: District Representatives, REP


Michigan Virtual REP (MVREP) files are provided to comply with school safety legislation. To grant REP submitters convenient access to data according to their schedules, they will log in to the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal (SLP). Within the portal, they can retrieve various reports containing REP, TSDL, and other essential central administrative data, and download this information into an Excel sheet.

MVREP files encompass data for Michigan Virtual teachers falling into the following categories:

  1. Active teachers who could have engaged with your students for 3 days or more.
  2. Exited teachers who are no longer interacting with your students.

It's important to note that Higher Ed and Collaborative Partner (CP) teachers are not included in MVREP files. Additionally, MVREP files do not disclose the Michigan Virtual Teacher's Social Security Number; instead, the credential license number and PIC are used for unique identification.

Login credentials were sent via email when the account was initially created this person leaves the district due to a new job or retirement, the successor must submit a new REP Request to have their account established.

Furthermore, failure to log in to the Student Learning Portal (SLP) for over 6 consecutive months will result in the deactivation of the SLP account.


  1. First, Access REP Reports within the SLP.  
    GIF Image showing users to tap Run Report from the left menu, select a Report from the drop-down and to tap Run Report to view the results table.The results will be presented in a table, indicating the total row count (3 in this instance), along with each individual row displayed in the space below. The District Reporting person can subsequently scroll to navigate through all the rows and columns.
  2. Next, tap the Export Results to Excel button.
    The Reports page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Export to Excel button on the top-right of the page.This encompasses both Active and Exited teachers within the specified reporting timeframe. All Michigan Virtual teachers for the 23-24 academic year must be marked as Terminated/Exited by June 30, 2024.Teachers for the Summer 2024 term will be accounted for in the 24-25 REP reports. 
    • If hand entering Active Michigan Virtual teacher data into CEPI REP, REP submitters may need to look up the teacher to locate their Social Security Number. To accomplish this, access CEPI (MiLogin) and locate the teacher utilizing their Credential License Number.
      The CEPI Submit a New Personnel Record page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Credential License Number located within the Professional Personnel search section.

The Excel-formatted file comprises 43 columns, featuring a header row and including only the necessary data. Presently, these REP reports display only the initial 4 assignments, as no Michigan Virtual teacher holds more than 4 assignments for any specific district at this time.

Operating_ISD_ESA_NoATwo-digit ISD code.
Operating_District_NoBFive-digit district code.
Last NameCTeacher's last name as it appears in the SLP.
First NameDTeacher's first name as it appears in the SLP.
Credential_License_NoEMichigan's Teacher License.
Date_of_HireFFirst date that students are in teacher sections.
Assignment 1 (Columns G-M)
Asg1_School_Code Michigan Virtual is 02929
Asg1_Assignment 5 character endorsement code.
Asg1_GradeLevel Select either Middle School or High School as needed.
Asg1_FTE Minimum of 0.01
Asg1_Wage Input "0" as the district is not covering the teacher's wages.
Asg1_Accounting_Funct_code Input "112" for Middle School and "113" for High School.
Asg1_Number_Core_Courses_Taught Input applicable number.
Assignment 2 (Columns N-T)
Same seven fields as (Assignment 1) above, or all will be empty if the teacher doesn’t have a second assignment.
Assignment 2 (Columns U-AA)
Same seven fields as (Assignment 1) above, or all will be empty if the teacher doesn’t have a third assignment.
Assignment 3 (Columns AB-AH)
Same seven fields as (Assignment 1) above, or all will be empty if the teacher doesn’t have a fourth assignment.
Funded_Position_StatusAILikely 9, though alternatively, it could be 6.
Date_of_BirthAJTeacher's date of birth (DOB).
Gender_CodeAKEither M or F. 
Racial_Ethnic_CodeAL6-digit code and the text.
Highest_Ed_LevelAM2-digit code and the text.
Educator_EffectivenessANInput "02" for Effective, unless specified otherwise.
Employment_StatusAOInput "99" for active, "17" for contract end, or "14" for deceased.
Date_Of_TerminationAPExited teachers only.
The final day students had access to this teacher through the online course. All teachers must be exited by 6/30 of the current school year. Some teachers with Expert sub-licenses must be exited by 6/30, or it may become challenging to exit them later.
PICAQTeacher's Personal Identification Number (PIC).

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