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District Reporting: Authorized Users Request Form

Intended Audience: Superintendents


This article provides detailed information about recent updates to the process of accessing Michigan Virtual teacher REP (Report on Education Personnel) data. In compliance with the Michigan Legislation School Aid Act (Section 388.1619, paragraph (3)), new student information safety protocols have been implemented. The updated process involves accessing REP data through the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal (SLP), enhancing security through Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), and requiring written authorization from district superintendents to grant access.


  1. Understanding the Change
    To ensure the security of sensitive data, Michigan Virtual has transitioned from a secure file transfer method to accessing REP data through the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal. This change is in response to legislative requirements and aims to provide a more secure and accessible platform.
  2. Authorization Process
    • Current REP Report Contacts - District Superintendents have been notified about the need to designate someone within the district who will be granted permission to access REP report data. It is recommended to consult with the Superintendent to ensure that they authorize an individual in the district to guarantee timely access. Once authorization is granted, the authorized person will receive SLP account information and detailed instructions for accessing the report information within 3-5 days of a valid request.
    • Superintendents - Only a Superintendent will have the authority to authorize a representative from their team as a REP user. This authorization can be completed through a password-protected form where they will submit the name, job title, district-provided email address, and district-provided phone number for their designated REP report person. Upon receiving the authorization, a confirmation email will be sent to both the Superintendent and the designated REP report person. Additionally, the REP report credentials for the designated person will be created within 3-5 days of receiving the authorization.
  3. Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)
    To enhance data security, Michigan Virtual is implementing Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). This additional layer of security requires users to scan a QR code during the authentication process and set up an authenticator app. 
  4. Support and Further Assistance
    For any questions or concerns, users can contact the Michigan Virtual support team at

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