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Enroll Student in Course

Intended Audience: Collaborative Admin Users
This article pertains to courses taught by local teachers as part of a collaborative partnership


Collaborative Admin users will use the Student Learning Portal (SLP) to enroll a student in a collaborative course. This process describes how to create the enrollment.

Note: This process does not apply to a parent/guardian who wishes to enroll a student.


  1. First, select the Students tab in the top menu bar to display active students.
    Note: If the student is not in the results list, follow the Add Student Account process before continuing.
  2. Then tap the linked name in the “Students” column to view the student account information.
    The Active Students page is shown with one user in the results table. An arrow point to the linked name in the Student column.
  3. Next, scroll down the page to tap the Enroll in Sectionoption in the left navigation menu. As a result, the Enrollment Information page will be displayed.
    1. Start by selecting the Term, Course, and Section. When choosing a Term, please select the "Collaborative Partners" term that correlates to the semester or trimester you are enrolling in.
    2. Next, enter the Start Date for the student. At this time, the End Date is updated to automatically display the day the course will end for the students.
      Note: The Last day for Refund is the last day an enrollment can be dropped and costs reimbursed.
    3. Next, ensure the Accept Enrollment Terms box is checked.
    4. Finally, select the Enroll button to enroll the student.
      The Enrollment Information dialog box is shown and there are arrows pointing to the fields and the enroll button mentioned above.

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