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MiRegistry: Quick Start Guide & FAQs

Intended Audience: MiRegistry Members

Quick Start Guide

  1. Review details about the MiRegistry and Michigan Virtual Partnership.
  2. Create an Account for the Professional Learning Portal (PLP).
  3. Use the keyword "MiRegistry" to search and Register for a Course.
  4. Access the Dashboard to view courses. 
  5. Open the course and complete assignments.
  6. Upon course completion, refer to Course Completions & CEUs


If I have a MiRegistry account, do I need to create a PLP account?
Yes. Individuals with a MiRegistry account won't be automatically enrolled in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). For access to both platforms, accounts must be separately created.

How can I identify which courses are eligible for MiRegistry credit?
Refer to Course Credit Eligibility.

Why do I need to provide my Registry ID?
MiRegistry and Michigan Virtual have streamlined the acquisition of CEUs by facilitating the direct transfer of completed course data from the PLP to MiRegistry. To engage in this simplified process, learners need to include their MiRegistry Registry ID in their PLP profile. This crucial step ensures the precise transfer of credits to MiRegistry. Refer to MiRegistry: Retrieve Registry ID.

How do I approve the transfer of credits to MiRegistry?
Learners have the flexibility to decide how they want to send completed courses to MiRegistry. If a learner prefers control over which courses get transmitted to MiRegistry, they will need to approve each course transfer individually. Learners who want to enable the automatic transfer of all course completions to MiRegistry should select the "I want all of my eligible courses to be sent to MiRegistry" checkbox when editing their PLP account

How long does it take to transfer credits to MiRegistry?
Michigan Virtual commits to transferring course completion data to MiRegistry within 48 hours unless errors with the MiRegistry ID are encountered.

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