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MiRegistry: Course Completions & CEUs

Intended Audience: MiRegistry Members


MiRegistry and Michigan Virtual have simplified the process of acquiring Continuing Education Units (CEUs) by enabling the direct transfer of completed course information from the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) to MiRegistry. 

To participate, learners are required to select their preferred course completion transfer method between the Professional Learning Portal (PLP) and MiRegistry. If a learner chooses to have control over which completions are transmitted to their MiRegistry account, they must approve each transfer utilizing the PLP MiRegistry Course List. 


Course Completions

  1. Verify course appears within the Completed Courses section on the PLP Dashboard. If learners see the course in the "Active Courses" section, click to enter it and check the gradebook. Sometimes, there might be incomplete tasks that require your attention. Please carefully go through all assignments and ensure they are marked as completed.

Approve Transfer

  1. First, tap MiRegistry Course List from the left navigation menu. If applicable, learners will see a tabled list of completed courses. Completed courses will only appear in this list if the course meets the qualifications to receive CEUs.
  2. Next, tap the Needs Approval button for the relevant course in the "Send to MiRegistry" column. Once selected, this button will be deactivated and the text will switch to "Approved," initiating the transfer process. Please remember that it may take up to 48 hours for credits to appear on MiRegistry.
    The MiRegistry Course List within the PLP is shown with a table that contains course information. An arrow points to the Needs Approval button within the Send to MiRegistry column.

Learners who want to enable the automatic transfer of all future course completions to MiRegistry should add their MiRegistry ID to their PLP Account.

Why Course Completions are Missing in MiRegistry

The successful transfer of course completion data heavily depends on the information stored within the learner's PLP account profile. This article aims to provide insights into potential causes behind the non-transfer or delay of PLP course completions to MiRegistry.

Potential Cause: Missing or Inaccurate ID

To transfer course completion data from the PLP to MiRegistry, learners must ensure their MiRegistry Registry ID is correctly entered in their PLP profile. Any absence or inaccuracy in the Registry ID will result in a transfer failure. To verify this information within your profile, perform the following:

Potential Cause: Processing Duration

Michigan Virtual commits to transferring course completion data to MiRegistry within 48 hours unless errors with the MiRegistry ID are encountered. 

  • If a period of 48 hours has transpired since the completion date, contact our Customer Care Center.
  • Should it be less than 48 hours from the course completion date, we request patience while the transfer is processed.

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