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District Reporting: MFA Configuration and Login

Intended Audience: District Representatives, REP 


District representatives accessing the Michigan Virtual Student Learning Portal (SLP) to obtain REP Reports will be required to authenticate through a secure login. Upon the creation of their accounts, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) will be activated. MFA serves as an extra layer of security, necessitating users to scan a QR code and set up an authenticator app during the authentication process. This measure ensures that only authorized personnel can access the data linked to the district.

Before proceeding to the following steps, please ensure the following requirements have been met: 

  1. REP reporting staff member has received the Student Learning Portal account creation email, and 
  2. The appropriate authenticator application has been installed on a REP reporting staff member's mobile device.
    Note: Authenticator applications commonly used are Microsoft Authenticator App and Google Authenticator App  


  1. First, access the Student Learning Portal website. 
  2. Next, insert login credentials using the Email and Password fields.
  3. Then tap the Sign in button. As a result, staff members will be prompted to setup MFA (also referred to as two-factor authentication).
    The Welcome page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Sign In button below email and password fields.

Add Account to MFA App

  1. Begin by accessing the authenticator application on the staff member's mobile device. 
  2. Next, add the account to the authenticator application (Microsoft or Google). 
  3. Once setup, there will be a 6-digit code displayed.

Finish MFA Setup for the Student Learning Portal

  1. Next, insert the code displayed within the authenticator app into the field "Step 2" and press the SET UP TWO-FACTOR NOW button.
    The authenticator prompt is shown with arrows pointing to the 6-digit code field and to the Set up two-factor now button.
  2. Once the message "Your MFA is activated!" appears, tap the CONTINUE button to return to the Student Learning Portal login page. 
  3. Next, insert login credentials using the Email and Password fields.
  4. From this point forward, users will be prompted to enter the 6-digit number displayed within their authenticator app. To ensure security, this number will change frequently. Insert the code in the Authentication code field and then tap the VERIFY button.
    Note: For additional convenience, select the "Remember me for 7 days" checkbox to bypass the authentication process for the next 
    The Welcome page shows the multi-factor authentication dialog box. Arrows point to the authentication code field and to the verify button.

Please note that passwords can only be reset using the Forgot your Login and/or Password link on the Welcome page. 

Continue to Accessing REP Reports.

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