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403 Error - Invalid Session


Course content for FlexPoint/FLVS/Florida Virtual is transmitted through secure and personalized sessions, necessitating specific browser security configurations. When students encounter a "403 Error - Invalid Session" message instead of accessing their course materials, they should follow these troubleshooting measures.


  1. First, ensure that cookies are not being blocked. The display of FlexPoint/FLVS/Florida Virtual content relies on the use of third-party cookies. Certain device and browser setups may automatically block cookies.
    • Chrome: Ensure that either "Allow all cookies" or "Block all third-party cookies incognito" is selected. Please be aware that if "Block al third-party cookies" is selected you will encounter the same error if browsing in private.
    • Safari: Deselect “Block all cookies.”
  2. Next, ensure the cross-site tracking/do not track setting is turned off.
  3. Now, allow cookies for "". 
  4. In case you've bookmarked or copied a content page URL from the address bar, log in to your course again and relaunch the page(s). It's important to note that bookmarked or saved URLs won't function, as the content is distributed through secure and personalized sessions.
  5. Next, if you're not currently using Chrome, consider making the switch to Chrome or download it. Chrome offers optimal performance and is the recommended browser. Make sure Chrome is fully updated.
    If you were using a different browser prior to this, please repeat troubleshooting steps 1-3 within Chrome.
  6. Finally, clear cache and browsing history. 

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