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* Brightspace Mentor Guide

Michigan state law mandates that schools must offer an on-site mentor to each student who opts for an online course. The reason behind this is that mentors play a crucial role in providing support to online learners. Through establishing in-person connections, ensuring students stick to their schedules, and offering guidance and assistance, mentors can help make online courses less daunting and more feasible for students. The subsequent list contains information that pertains to mentors in Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS). 

The Student Learning Portal (SLP) Mentor Quick Start Guide is a resource that mentors should consult as well.


  • Account Settings. Mentors have the ability to adjust various account settings, including pronouns, font style, reading preferences, video settings, display preferences, and other options.
  • Course Extension Policy. To obtain information on the necessary requirements for extensions, the protocol for submitting an extension request, and a template for the Student Completion Plan, review the Michigan Virtual Course Extension Policy.
  • Course Notifications. Mentors have the ability to customize contact methods, decide when to receive notifications, enable or disable instant notifications, and perform other related adjustments. 
  • Mentor Checklist. The mentor checklist comprises a set of tasks that need to be accomplished before the commencement of school, at the start of the term, and halfway through the term to assist their students. 
  • Mentor FAQ’s. Mentors can find answers to commonly asked questions on the Mentor Brightspace Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.
  • Mentor Guide for the Student Learning Portal (SLP). This guide is available for mentors to oversee and mentor students in their school or district.
  • Monitor Progress in the SLP. The Gradebook in the SLP is available to mentors for currently active courses.


If you require information that pertains to individual students, there are several options available. You can check their completion status for the orientation course ("Unit 0") to ensure they are on track. You can view and track the number of times the student accessed their course. It's also possible to determine which LMS platform they are using for the course. You can even view and print course pacing guides. Additionally, you can find the details of student submissions, along with any feedback given by the instructor. These methods can provide a better understanding of each student's progress and help identify areas that may require more support.

Mentors play a crucial role in helping students succeed in online courses, and this involves supporting them in various aspects of their coursework. Mentors can help students track their progress by assisting them in locating their Student Course Access Progress, Student Course Content Progress, Student Discussion Progress, and Student Quizzes Progress. By providing this support, mentors can help students stay on track and identify areas where they may need additional help or resources. 

Additionally, the Insights Portal enables mentors to effortlessly obtain analytics on students enrolled in Michigan Virtual courses. The dashboards provided below can be filtered dynamically to create a personalized view of student engagement and/or progress.

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