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Data and Insights

Intended Audience: Mentors


The Insights Portal in Brightspace enables mentors to effortlessly obtain analytics on students enrolled in Michigan Virtual courses. The dashboards provided below can be filtered dynamically to create a personalized view of student engagement and/or progress.


Insights Portal

EngagementPinpoint disengaged students and recognize successful student behaviors.
  • Last Course Access
  • Time in Content
  • Assignment Status
Learner EngagementAnalyze engagement metrics for a student across their courses. 
  • Course Activity
  • Assignment Status
  • Course History

Insights Report Builder

Before accessing the Insights Report Builder, be sure to complete the Insights Report Builder First Time Setup Instructions

Activity HeatmapInteractive calendar shows student activity by date.
  • Course Content Access Dates
Learner Progress ReportSnapshot of how students are doing in their course. 
  • Incomplete Student Orientation Course
  • Work Completed Progress
  • Gradebook Progress
Gradebook ReportsUnderstand how far students are in course and their grade.
  • Simplified and detailed gradebook views
Mentor DashboardsThe Mentor Dashboard provides an overview of your student courses.
  • Overview of student enrollment information
Progress ChecksThe Progress Checks Dashboard will provide Mentors with Gradebook data.
  • Progress checks
  • Student activities
  • Grade activity

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