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Advanced Placement (AP) Pacing Guides

Intended Audience: Students


This article explains how to find the pacing guides for Advanced Placement (AP) courses. You can find these guides in the Getting Started folder or the Calendar Widget on the Class Homepage (if it is enabled).


Getting Started Folder

  1. First, access your course and tap Start Here in the Course Quick Access menu.
    The class homepage is displayed with an arrow pointing to the start here option in the left menu, course quick access.
  2. Next, tap to expand the Getting Started folder and then select the Pacing Guide.
    The Start Here page is shown with the Getting Started folder expanded. Arrows point to this and to the Pacing Guide.
  3. As a result, the pacing guide will be shown. Tap the "Back to Content" link in the upper left corner to return to your course content.
    The pacing guide is shown in a Google doc. Each weeks assignments are laid out in table format.

Calendar Widget

From the Course Homepage, simply scroll down the page to view the Calendar Widget located on the right side of the page.
The Calendar widget is shown on the class homepage and is surrounded by a red box.

In addition, you may choose to view the calendar by accessing the details through the Calendar in Course Tools. From the top menu, select Course Tools and then tap Calendar.
The class homepage is shown with the Course Tools menu expanded. An arrow points to the Calendar option.

Assignments will be listed on their due dates in the calendar view.
The Calendar page is shown with the Agenda displaying assignments due for the next 7 days. An interactive calendar is displayed on the right.

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