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Intended Audience: Students, Mentors, Instructors, Affiliation Users


This article explains how to enable a new optional feature in Brightspace that allows you to include your preferred pronouns, such as She/Her, He/Him, or They/Them, in your profile card. Both students and instructors can use this feature.

If you are a student, you can view the pronouns of your classmates and instructors in the Discussions tool. Instructors can see the pronouns of their students in Quick Eval, Class/User Progress, and the Discussions tool.


  1.  First, tap your name from the top of the Brightspace page and then select Account Settings.
    The Brightspace platform is shown with the user name selected from the top right. An arrow points to the expanded menu selection, Account Settings.
  2. Next, enable the Allow others to see my pronouns checkbox by tapping in the box.
  3. Then tap the radio button Use different pronouns
  4. Finally, type the appropriate pronoun in the open text area below and then tap Save and Close to apply your changes.
    The Account Settings page is shown with the features described above enabled. Arrows point to these fields and to the Save and Close button at the bottom of the page. 

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