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PLP: Create an Account

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators, MiRegistry Members


The Professional Learning Portal (PLP) grants learners and educators access to courses that fulfill their professional development needs. These courses may also provide State Continuing Education Clock Hours (SCECH) credits or Continuing Education Units (CEUs). The following instructions will lead learners to create a PLP account.

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  1. First, open a browser and visit the PLP Login page.
  2. Next, tap the "Create an Account" link at the bottom of the page.
    The PLP login page is shown with an arrow pointing to the create an account link below the login buttons.
  3. Complete the registration form by providing all mandatory information (marked with an asterisk). Ensure to verify the provided email's accuracy, as it will be essential for activating and accessing the PLP account.
    The top section of the registration form shows the Email, First Name, Last Name and Cell phone fields.
  4. The registration form includes specific fields that should be adjusted based on the type of learner completing the form. Instructions related to these different types of learners are provided below.
    • Educators with a MOECS account seeking SCECH credits: Choose "I have a PIC" from the Do you have a PIC? drop-down field, and then input the code into the PIC field. This step is crucial for Michigan Virtual to record these credits in MOECS accurately. If additional assistance is needed, refer to Retrieve Personal Identification Code (PIC). Note: The MiRegistry ID field and checkbox below should not be modified.

      Note: When providing information for the school district, select the residing district or the one closest in proximity.
    • Members of the Michigan Early Childhood and School-Age Workforce seeking CEUs: Choose "I don't have a PIC" from the Do you have a PIC? drop-down field. Populate the MiRegistry ID field with the identification code on the MiRegistry account page. If choosing to automatically transmit all applicable and completed course details from the PLP to MiRegistry, check the box below. If additional assistance is needed, refer to Retrieve Registry ID.

      Note: Individuals with a MiRegistry account won't be automatically enrolled in the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). For access to both platforms, accounts must be separately created.
    • Substitute teachers working in various schools: If you are a substitute teacher in Michigan primarily associated with a single school district, please choose "Yes" in response to the question, "Do you work for a school or school district?" However, if you work as a substitute teacher in Michigan and serve multiple school districts without a predominant affiliation to one specific district, please select "No" as your response.
  5. Once all required information has been entered, click the Register button to confirm your account creation.
  6. Finally, check your email inbox for account creation details and then log in to view the PLP Dashboard.

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