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Modify Account Settings

Intended Audience: Students, Mentors, Instructors, Affiliation Users


Brightspace users can customize their experience by adjusting their account settings. They can modify number and date formats, display preferences, online status, and email address, among other options.


  1. First, tap your profile picture and then select Account Settings from the drop-down menu.
    Brightspace landing page is showing the minibar with an arrow pointing to the Account settings option in the profile drop-down menu.
  2. As a result the Account Settings page will be displayed. Next, review each section within the Account Settings tab to decide which settings to adjust.
    • Pronouns are an optional feature you can enable to include common pronouns such as She/Her, He/Him, and They/Them.
    • Font Settings allows you to change the size of the text to either Small, Medium, Large or Huge. Selecting an option from this drop-down list will show a highlighted example below.Account Settings page is shown with the sections described above.
    • Reading Content will by default mark items as read as your page scrolls. This option can be disabled here.
    • Video Settings ensures assistive technologies can detect videos.
    • Locale & Language can be used to set preferred your preferred locale and language. Here you may change formats (clock, number, percentage) and set first day of week.
    • Time Zone will allow you to choose continent and preferred time zone.
    • Signing In gives you the option to choose your online status appearance.
  3. At this point, tap the Discussions tab to modify preferences for discussion forums. When you select this tab, your Account Settings changes will be automatically saved.
    • Display Settings can be changed to show or hide the Discussions List pane by default.
    • Reply Settings would be changed to include or not include the original post you are replying to by default.
  4. Finally, tap the Save and Close button to apply your settings and return to the Brightspace homepage.
    Account Settings page is shown with the Discussions tab selected. An arrow points to the Save and Close button.

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