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Locate and Review Feedback


Students have the ability to locate and review submission feedback provided by their instructors. This article describes how to find and assess those comments within their Brightspace course.  


  1. First, on the navbar, click My Progress and then select Grades from the left menu.
  2. Next, each unit will contain items (or assignments) completed. Expand the number of graded items to view each assignment.
    The Grades Progress page is displayed showing arrows pointing to My Progress in the navbar, the Grades option in the left menu and another pointing to the 4 Items drop-down within the Unit 3 Graded Items list.
  3. At this point, expand Feedback and review the comments. Additionally, there may be feedback in the assignment itself. If this is the case, tap “View Inline Feedback” to view a PDF of the assignment or tap “View Graded Rubric” to see how the assignment was graded.
    The Graded Items module in the Grades page shows arrows pointing to the Unit 3 Assessment Feedback drop-down. It also shows the expanded text to reveal feedback text as well as two links, one to the inline feedback and another to view graded rubric.
    • If “View Inline Feedback” is selected, a PDF containing the assignment as well as teacher comments will be displayed.
      A blurred out portion of a PDF scanned image of an assignment is shown with an arrow pointing to a notes icon. The notes are displayed as feedback for students to review.
    • If “View Graded Rubric” is selected, a new window will open to reveal how points were earned as well as any additional feedback.
      An example rubric is shown with the page scrolled down to the bottom. The overall score is selected, in this example it is Proficient.

Additional Information:

Follow the Update My Information article to adjust your notification settings. Simply select the SMS and/or Email options to apply notifications for feedback related items.

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