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MiCourses: Content Vendor Registration

Intended Audience: Content Vendor


The Online Course Catalog of Michigan ( functions as a public platform. Registration, on the other hand, is specifically for the Course Administration site, which is designated for Content Vendors and deliberately maintained as a separate entity.

The Content Vendor role empowers third-party vendors to create course syllabi and review information. However, the addition of these courses will not automatically reflect in Michigan’s Online Course Catalog. Only when a Michigan district (LEA, PSA, or ISD) imports the course to their district catalog and creates a course offering, will the course then become visible in the catalog.


  1. First, visit the New User or Vendor Request page. 
  2. Next, complete all required fields within the form and be sure to: 
    • Select Content Vendor for the "I am requesting access as a" question. 
    • Insert the appropriate address for the "For Vendor accounts, please enter the company's physical address" fields.
    • Insert the appropriate website address for the "For Vendor accounts, please enter the company website URL". 
  3. Finally, submit the form by tapping the Get Link button located at the bottom of the page.

Upon successful registration, a Michigan Virtual representative will verify their identity and if approved, create an account within the system. Once the process is complete, the vendor will be sent an email providing additional instruction.

Content Vendors may refer to Support Articles and Frequently Asked Questions.

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