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MiCourses: Allow Districts to Import Third-Party Course

Intended Audience: Content Vendors


To permit Michigan's public school districts (LEA), public school academies (PSA), and intermediate school districts (ISD) to offer online courses that utilize one or more third-party providers for online content and/or instruction, Content Vendors must choose to allow districts to import course syllabi information. This process explains how grant that permission during the Add Third-Party Syllabi process or after. 

Districts will be unable to successfully import courses without being provided a Vendor Code. Content Vendors will need to provide this code to authorized district users. 


  1. First, tap the Edit button to the left of the course name in the "Name" column.
    The courses page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Edit button next to a course in a table below search filters.
  2. Next, scroll to the bottom of the Course Information page and select the Allow Entities To Import checkbox.
  3. Finally, tap the Save button to apply this change.
    The bottom section of the Course Information page is shown with arrows pointing to the checkbox and save button as mentioned above.

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