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MiCourses: Frequently Asked Questions - Content Vendor

Intended Audience: Content Vendors

What is Michigan's Online Course Catalog?

Michigan's Online Course Catalog is populated with course titles and syllabi submitted by local school districts, intermediate school districts and Michigan Virtual. This site is intended to be a general source of information for parents, students, and schools to provide them with the information needed to make enrollment decisions. Learn More ➜

As per Michigan's Online Learning Law (21f), third-party providers are prohibited from presenting their own online courses via Michigan's Online Course Catalog. Only Michigan's public school districts (LEA), public school academies (PSA), intermediate school districts (ISD) are permitted to offer online courses that utilize one or more third-party providers for online content and/or instruction. 

How do third-party vendors retrieve or change their "vendor code"?

Michigan’s Online Course Catalog enables LEA, PSA, and ISD users to offer online courses that utilize one or more third-party providers for online content and/or instruction. Third-party vendor courses will only appear in search results after a course offering is created and one cannot be created without the vendor code.

Third-party providers will set this code during the Registration process and are responsible for distributing the code to their partnering districts. 

Why are courses not appearing in Michigan's Online Course Catalog searches?

Districts can generate course offerings by providing details such as the content provider, online instructor, cost, terms (start/end dates), and other relevant information, associating it with the vendor course. The course becomes searchable in Michigan's Online Course Catalog only upon the creation of this offering. Subsequently, syllabi from third-party content providers can be accessed through public searches.

How do third-party vendors remove course syllabi from Michigan's Online Course Catalog?

Third-party vendors may choose to remove a course syllabus from Michigan’s Online Course Catalog. If the course has no offerings, it can be deleted. However, once it has been offered to students, it becomes permanent and cannot be removed. Refer to Remove Course Syllabus from Catalog.

I have multiple courses to add, is there an easy way to do this?

Yes. There are two additional methods for creating courses, the first is to duplicate an existing course and the other is to upload multiple courses through the use of a CSV file. 

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