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MiCourses: Upload Several Third-Party Courses at Once

Intended Audience: Content Vendors


Vendors can utilize a feature in Michigan's Online Course Catalog to add a single syllabus or upload multiple third-party syllabi. The process below explains how to use the Excel Download Template feature to import.


  1. First, choose Course Imports from the Courses page.
    The Courses page is shown along with the filters. An arrow points to the Course Imports button to the right side of the page.
  2. Next, tap the Download a template button from the Create an Import page to download an Excel CSV file containing required fields for the import. Please note that some fields (SCED Credit, Content Provider Entity, Online Instructor Entity, Display Type, SCED Course Level, and SCED Course) require specific selections from a drop-down menu. Expand the column names on the Create an Import page to view additional information.
    The Create an Import page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Download a template. Another arrow point to the expand icon appearing next to the column names.
  3. At this point, enter the applicable information and save the template by clicking on File and choosing Save As. Name the file and select a location to store it, and then click the Save button.
  4. Now, return to Create an Import page and insert a reference title for the import in the Name field.
  5. Next, tap the Choose File button to locate and select the file. 
  6. Finally, tap the Upload and Map Fields button.
    The bottom section of the Create an Import page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Upload and Map Fields button.

The Import Courses page will now display a list of the columns from your uploaded file. If needed, make any corrections to the mapping by changing the drop-down fields to the right of the column names. If there are no corrections, click the Run Report button.

The Course Imports page will display a table indicating the import status.

  • If the Status column shows "Failed," click on the link in the "Name" column to view the error message, which indicates the reason for failure.
  • If the Status column shows "Complete," the import was successful and no import errors were found. Click on the View Courses button to display the uploaded courses. Any missing information will be shown in the table as a red "X" with a circle around it (shared, reviewed, etc.). You may also select one or more courses and modify them using Edit or Bulk Update.

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