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MiCourses: Add New Course

Intended Audience: Content Vendors


In accordance with Section 21f of the State School Act, Content Vendors (third-party providers) are prohibited from creating course offerings for their proprietary online courses through Michigan's Online Course Catalog, commonly known as MiCourses. Instead, they will assume the role of creating and managing course syllabi along with their respective reviews. Following this, they will enable partnering public school districts to create course offerings for their district within the Course Administration site.
Want to add multiple syllabi? See Upload Several Third-Party Syllabi at Once


  1. First, login to Michigan's Online Course Catalog and then tap the New Course button.
    The Courses page is displayed with an arrow pointing to the New Course button at the top right of the page.
  2. Next, fill in the mandatory fields (marked with an asterisk) and click the Save button only after all the required fields are filled in on each tab.
    When adding course syllabi information, you will need to add data to all required fields in the "Course Information," "SCED Information," and "Details" section prior to selecting the Save button.  The record cannot be saved until it all required fields in each section are populated.
    1. Course Information: Section 21f(12)(B) requires online course syllabi to include specific components. Refer to Course Information for additional assistance. 
      • Display Type - It is recommended that Content Vendors choose either "District and Statewide Catalog." If the course should not be visible to districts, select "Inactive." 
      • Allow Entities to Import - To permit Michigan's public school districts (LEA), public school academies (PSA), and intermediate school districts (ISD) to offer online courses that utilize one or more third-party providers for online content and/or instruction, select the Allow Entities to Import checkbox.The top section of the New Course page is shown. To the left are the pages Course Information, SCED Information, Details, Performance Data and History.
    2. SCED Information: SCED information and the complete inventory of course classifications and descriptions can be found by visiting Secondary School Courses and Prior-to-Secondary Courses websites. Additional information can be located within SCED Information. Note: Grade Span Start/End are not required.
      The SCED Information section is shown with an arrow pointing to the Find Courses button under School Level and Subject Area.
    3. Details: The Details page serves as the syllabus. If you need help with formatting, consult the HTML Editor. Every field on the page must have text, but if a section is not applicable, insert the text "Not applicable" or "Not provided" in the field. 
      • The Technical Requirements field must be filled out and holds significant importance for schools when allocating funds for the room setup intended for students.
      • The Notes field is for Content Vendor use only and is not displayed to the public.
        The Details page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Details option on the left menu.
    4. Performance Data: This information is not required by third-party vendors. 
    5. History: This tab will display the historical modifications made to the course syllabi along with the identity of the individuals who made these changes. 
  3. Finally, once all required fields are populated within Course Information, SCED Information and Details, tap the Save button at the bottom of the page. 
  4. In order to ensure quality and consistency, all course syllabi available in Michigan's Online Course Catalog must undergo a review.

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