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MiCourses: Add Couse Review

Intended Audience: Content Vendors


In order to ensure quality and consistency, all course syllabi available in Michigan's Online Course Catalog must undergo review. Once this review has been completed, it will not be displayed to the general public through District or Statewide Catalog search screens; it will only be visible to district personnel who are logged into the catalog website. Completing this review also provides a distinct advantage to districts seeking to incorporate third-party syllabi into their course offerings, as the review process will have already been completed and documented in the catalog, eliminating the need for duplicate reviews.

The National Standards for Quality Online Learning (NSQOL), overseen by the Virtual Learning Leadership Alliance (VLLA), Quality Matters (QM), and the Digital Learning Collaborative (DLC) provide research-based best practices for online teaching, online programs, and online course design. The standards provide a useful benchmark for evaluating the quality of online courses and provide guidance on indicators of quality online programs.


  1. First, tap the icon (red X within red circle) appearing to the right in the "Reviewed" column of the Courses page.
    An arrow points to the the icon (red X within red circle) appearing to the right in the "Reviewed" column of the Courses page.
  2. Next, tap the Create Review button to select either: 
    1. iNACOL National Standards for Quality Online Courses, or
    2. NSQ National Standards for Quality Online Courses
  3. Now, apply a rating and, if applicable, comment to each standard on this page. Please note that the first Rating drop-down field will apply the same rating to all standards.
    An arrow points to the first Rating drop-down field. An arrow pointing to this field with text of "Applies Rating to All Standards" is also shown.
  4. Then select the appropriate options in the Reviewed By and Date Of Review fields and then tap the Submit button to save your changes.
    Arrows point to the fields mentioned above and to the submit button.If your review was conducted by an organization not listed in the drop-down menu, please contact the system administrator.
  5. At this point, partnering districts with access to the Course Administration site, will have the ability to import the course using the Content Vendors Vendor Syllabi Code.

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