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MiCourses: Apply Changes to Multiple Courses (Bulk Update)

Intended Audience: Content Vendors


In certain situations, it might be necessary to modify a link, email, phone number, or other types of information for some or all of the created courses. Rather than updating them individually, the Bulk Update feature allows for simultaneous adjustments. This feature will allow Content Vendors to revise courses to update links for content provider, instructor provider, enrollment website, or additional help resources. Modify email addresses for enrollment assistance. Adjust the enrollment help phone number. Alter display type, SCED credit, add/remove standards, or add/remove term types. 


  1. First, place a check in the first column for each row containing a course that requires the update.
    The results table is showing a list of courses with an arrow pointing to two checkboxes in the left column.
    • To update ALL courses, tap the checkbox at the top of the table before proceeding to the next step. The number of courses should match the number of courses selected or prompt to select all.
  2. Next, tap the Bulk Update button and then select the appropriate option from the Column drop-down list.
  3. Once selected, insert the value and then tap the Update Courses button.
    The Update Courses dialog box is shown with an arrow pointing to the Update Courses button.

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