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Student Grades Progress


The Grades Progress page can be used track student progress in online courses. This page allows you to view graded items by each unit, progress check points and the student’s overall grade to date.


  1. First, follow the View Progress Summary process. This will allow you to see the applicable menu option described below.
  2. Then tap Grades from the left menu.
    Grades Progress page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Grades option in the menu on the left.
  3. Next, review contents in each expanded section. Each section can be collapsed to clear up the space needed to view each section.
    1. Final Grade, this is the grade the student would receive if he or she completed the course today. The total points earned divided by total possible points reveals the overall percentage score in the course.
    2. Graded Items will break down each graded item by unit. Expand the count of Items in each unit to see grades earned.
    3. Other Items will display progress checks and current grade percentage.
  4. Finally, if applicable tap the Print icon at the top of the page to obtain a hard copy of current grades.

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