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Course Email Notifications


In an ongoing effort to constantly improve learner outcomes, and doing so with increasing equity, Michigan Virtual instructors are providing notifications on key areas of opportunity to students. We have identified specific content that may include quizzes, discussions or assignments within multiple courses (examples of those courses will be listed below). If a specific grade benchmark is missed or a particular assignment or discussion is skipped teachers will be reaching out through notifications to offer guidance and assistance to their students.


  • These emails are specific to the students; Mentors and Guardians will not receive these notifications.
  • Students can reply to these notifications which will go directly to their instructor.
  • The format will look similar but not limited to the following:
    A email message from Test Teacher appears with a subject of "Low Score Received in Intelligent Agent  Message Your Instructor to Discuss". There are reply, reply all and forward options. The body of the message indicates that the student received a low score on a recently graded activity.
  • Examples of the course with this process implemented are:
    • Algebra 1A
    • Algebra 2A
    • Algebra 2B
    • American Literature A – English 11-12
    • American Sign Language 1A
    • Basic Web Design: HTML & CSS
    • Biology A
    • Biology B 
    • British Literature A - English 11-12
    • English 10A
    • English 10B
    • English 9A
    • English 9B
    • French 1A
    • French 1B
    • Geometry A
    • Geometry B
    • German 1A
    • Middle School World History A 
    • Music Appreciation Odyssey
    • Spanish 1A
    • Spanish 1B
    • Spanish 2A
    • U.S. History and Geography A
    • Visual Art Comprehension I

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