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Course Notifications

Intended Audience: Affiliation Users, Mentors


Brightspace course notifications can be customized by mentors and affiliation users. To modify notification settings and select the preferred frequency of receiving them, follow the steps provided below.


  1. First, open a course from the Student Learning Portal (SLP) dashboard. 
  2. Next, tap the profile name in the upper right corner to display a menu of options and then choose Notifications.
    The user profile menu is displayed with an arrow pointing to the Notifications option.
  3. At this point, the notification settings can be adjusted as needed. 
  4. When finished, tap the Save button at the bottom of the page to apply notification changes. 

Contact Methods

You can use the Contact Methods section to configure your mobile device for notifications. Note that email settings should not be altered.

  1. Tap Register your mobile to select the country, carrier and phone number for the device that should receive notifications.
    The notifications page is shown with an arrow pointing to the Register Your Mobile pop-up dialog box. There are three fields shown for Country (drop-down), Mobile Carrier (drop-down) and Mobile Number (open text field). The Save and Cancel buttons appear below these fields.
  2. Next, enter the code sent to your mobile device and then tap Confirm.The Mobile Number pop-up box is shown with the Confirmation Code field. An arrow points to the Confirm button below.
  3. Finally, choose the Max number of messages per day to receive to this mobile device.
    The Contact Methods section shows the mobile number registered and an arrow pointing to the Max number of messages per day drop-down options.

Summary of Activity

Users can choose to receive a daily or weekly summary of course activity for specific courses. To select the preferred frequency, click on the How often? drop-down field and choose an option. By default, new users will receive weekly notifications distributed at 12:00 AM on Mondays.
The Summary of Activity section of the Notifications page is shown with an arrow pointing to the How Often drop-down field. This reveals a Never, Daily and Weekly option to choose.

Instant Notifications

Instant notifications are alerts that appear on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as soon as an activity occurs. To enable these notifications, select the SMS and/or Email options for each activity from this section.
The Instant Notification section is shown with a list of activities. An arrow points to the check boxes under SMS and Email columns for each activity.

Customize Notifications

Include customization of these notifications by selecting the options available.
The Customize Notifications section is shown with options available to select.

Exclude Some Courses

Notifications can be limited to specific courses. 

  1. First, tap Manage my course exclusions from this section.
  2. Then select the X next to the course(s) that should be excluded. 
  3. Finally, tap the Close button to exit.

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