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Learner Engagement Dashboard

Intended Audience: Mentors


The Learner Engagement Dashboard is designed to provide visual representations of engagement metrics such as course activity, assignment status, and course history, for a particular student across all their courses. This dashboard shares the same settings as the Engagement Dashboard. Below, you will find instructions on how to access and interact with the Learner Engagement Dashboard, as well as how to interact with the Summary View and view Active and Inactive Courses.


Access the Dashboard

To access the Learner Engagement Dashboard, follow these steps:

  1. First, login to the Student Learning Portal (SLP)
  2. Next, tap Go to Courses on the left menu.
  3. Then select the icon to open Brightspace. 
  4. Once the homepage is shown, tap Data and Insights from the menu bar and select Insights Portal.
    The Brightspace landing page is shown with the Data and Insights menu expanded. An arrow points to the Insights Portal option.
  5. Now choose the Learner Engagement dashboard tile.
    The Insights Portal is shown with an arrow pointing to the Insights Portal link in the top menu and to the Learner Engagement tile.
  6. In the Learner Selection view, locate the student's name from the list or use the Search box to find them.
  7. Once you have located the student, tap the student's name to investigate and view their engagement metrics across all courses.
    The Learner Engagement Dashboard page is shown with an arrow pointing to a student name in the table.

Interacting with the Learner Engagement Dashboard

The Learner Engagement Dashboard consists of three main sections, similar to the Engagement Dashboard:

  • Filters for Org Unit and Semester. If you click on a data point in a chart in the Summary View to further filter report content, those filters are also listed in this area.
  • The Summary View section, which includes the following: Courses in View summary, Average Grade summary, Overdue Assignments summary, System Access summary, Grades Over Time trend chart, Content View Over Time trend chart, and Course Access Over Time trend chart.
  • The bottom area contains dynamic tables that list the Active Courses and Inactive Courses that meet the criteria specified by the filters.

As you add filters to the summary data, the visualizations in all sections automatically change to reflect the updated Summary view. To send an email to the selected student, tap the Email button. To view and/or save the information in an Excel spreadsheet, tap Export to CSV.

The Student Summary is shown and arrows point to the Export to CSV button on the top right and to the Email button below the student name.

Interacting with the Summary View

Information on Interacting with the Summary View:

  • The Courses in View card shows the number of active and inactive courses in the summary view based on the filters and permissions applied. It updates automatically when metrics are interacted with.
  • The Average Grade card shows the average current grade or final grade for completed courses for the selected user across all courses in the summary view. It does not include predicted grade values.
  • The Overdue Assignment card displays the number of assignments in the courses displayed in the summary view that are past their due date and have not been submitted or completed. Click on the number to filter courses to those with overdue assignments for the selected user.
  • The System Access card shows the number of days since the user last accessed the system.
  • The Grades Over Time trend chart displays the student's current grade for each week within the selected time frame as a line graph. Each course has a unique color-coded line, and clicking on a line greys out the other lines. The chart includes both adjusted and calculated grades.
  • The Content View Over Time trend chart displays the number of views for each content topic by the selected user for each week in the selected time frame as a line graph.
  • The Course Access Over Time trend chart displays the number of times the selected user accessed each course for each week in the selected time frame as a stacked area chart.

The Learner Engagement Dashboard is shown for a specified user. This dashboard displays all of the charts mentioned above.

Active and Inactive Courses View

At the bottom of the page, courses are grouped into active and inactive categories to help identify which courses are currently in session. When returning to the main page, any filters that were previously applied will be preserved. An active course meets one of the following criteria:

  • The course start date is on or before the current date, and the course end date is on or after the current date.
  • The course start date is on or before the current date, and the course end date is null.
  • Both the course start and end dates are null, and the Active flag is selected.

For users of the Student Success System, the predicted grade is displayed in this view for active courses that have a model.

The Learner Engagement Dashboard is shown for a specified user. The page has been scrolled down to the bottom to show Active and Inactive course tables.

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