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Student Progress Dashboard

Intended Audience: Affiliation Users


The Student Progress Dashboard provides insights into the extent of your students' coursework completion within their respective course(s). This dashboard evaluates the contents of student gradebooks and subsequently calculates the percentage of gradebook items that have been marked as complete. In this context, a gradebook item is regarded as complete if it has received a score. However, it's worth noting that certain LTI/External tool gradebook items may necessitate a score greater than 0% to be classified as complete.



  1. First, tap Data and Insights from the Brightspace Navbar and then select Insights Portal.
  2. Directly beneath the "Insights Portal" title, tap the Analytics Builder tab. Then, scroll down to select Insights Report Builder.
  3. At this point, a new tab will open. To view the dashboard, open the menu at the top left of the page, expand "Affiliation Dashboards" and then select Student Progress.


Users can refine the results shown on the Student Progress dashboard by applying filters. To use these filters, simply click the + button (located next to the Filter Views button) in the top menu bar. After selecting a filter, users can choose the specific criteria, and then click the Apply button. If needed, users can clear all applied filters at any time by clicking the Filter Views dropdown and selecting None.


  • PR - A - Percent Completion Group
    Affiliation users have the option to display student completion percentages falling within specific ranges. This card organizes students into three distinct categories: those that are 70% and above, percentages falling between 50% and 69%, and percentages lower than 49%.
  • PR - A - Avg Percent Completion
    Affiliation users can utilize this card to observe the average completion percentage for the filtered students.
  • PR - A - Percent Completion
    Affiliation users have the option to use this card for inspecting individual student completion percentages. On the left, within the Insights menu (click to expand/collapse), you will find analytical data, including the average completion percentage across the displayed students, identification of outliers, and the overall average percentage. 
    • Tap the card's title to access a comprehensive list of details. 
  • PR - A - Percent Completion Filter
    Similar to the "PR - A - Percent Completion Group" card, this dropdown allows for filtering all results based on students falling within specific completion percentage categories. 
    • Tap the card's title and then choose an option from the dropdown to access a comprehensive list of details including semester name, student name, course name, assignment counts, and more. 


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