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To ensure effective support, it is crucial to include all necessary information when submitting a support ticket, whether it is for yourself or someone else. This guide is designed to assist you in checking that you have all the necessary details and structuring your ticket in a way that will result in prompt and effective assistance.

Bear in mind that failing to provide complete or clear information may necessitate further communication from the support team before they can offer a solution. The support team is eager to assist you as quickly and effectively as possible, and providing a comprehensive ticket will facilitate this. The more detail you include, the better equipped they will be to help you.


To address an issue effectively, it is advisable to first try troubleshooting it yourself by referring to the Knowledge Base as much as possible. Additionally, it is important to verify that the problem is consistent, as this can simplify the process of identifying the underlying cause. 

If your own troubleshooting efforts have been exhausted (including recreating the issue Incognito), capturing a screenshot of the problem is recommended. Ensure that the web address is included in the screenshot as this will help pinpoint the precise location where the issue occurred.

  1. Begin by accessing the Submit a ticket form.
  2. Afterward, fill in the fields for Phone Number, Email, and Name to enable the Customer Care Center to get in touch with you.
  3. Next, select an option from the Which service do you need help with? drop-down field. Depending on your selection, additional fields will be presented, requesting further information.
    • Professional Learning: This option encompasses assistance for both Educators and MiRegistry Members who are participating in professional development courses via the Professional Learning Portal (PLP).
    • Student Learning (Issues with Login / Setup / Other): This option is intended for students, guardians, instructors, mentors, affiliation users, and district users who are encountering difficulties while registering or accessing the Student Learning Portal (SLP).
    • Student Learning (Issues with Course Content): This option enables students, guardians, instructors, mentors, affiliation users, and district users to report any issues encountered within their Brightspace, Buzz, or EdReady course.
    • Billing / Sales / Other: This choice covers any user experiencing problems related to billing, sales inquiries, or other issues that are not mentioned in the preceding options.
  4. At this point, enter a concise summary of the issue in the Subject field. 
  5. Finally, fill in the text box labeled Please describe your issue in as much detail as possible with comprehensive information. This should encompass, but not be restricted to:
    • Indicate the type of device you're using, for example, laptop (Mac or Windows), phone, tablet, etc.
    • Specify the browser you're using when encountering the issue, such as Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc.
    • Inform us whether you're using your home internet, school internet, or a public network.
    • Inform us of the onset of the issue and its duration.
    • Provide details on how the issue is affecting you. 
    • If the problem is related to a course in which you're enrolled, please include the instructor's name (if applicable), course title, and any other relevant course details pertaining to the issue.

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