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AP Exam Registration for Local School Districts


To ensure that local school districts are aware of the modifications made to AP test registration and understand the involvement of Michigan Virtual, this article provides guidance on registering students for an AP Exam. This information is particularly relevant for local students enrolled in an AP course taught by a Michigan Virtual instructor.


The following steps must be taken by AP students:

  • Create an account on the College Board website.
  • AP students need to use the "join code" provided by their Michigan Virtual teacher to join their section on the College Board website. Additionally, they must obtain a separate "join code" from their online instructor for each AP course they are taking.
  • Access various instructional resources in these class sections that are shared by their instructors.
  • Join the Exam Only section of their local school on the College Board website.

Action Needed by Local School AP Coordinators:

  • Create an Exam Only section on the College Board website if the school is administering AP Exams to students who are not enrolled in an AP section at their school. Share the "Join Code" generated while creating the Exam Only section with students taking AP courses with Michigan Virtual. If a student is not added to the correct "exam only" section at their local school, it will not be possible to order an exam for them.
    The AP Registration and Ordering table shows columns, Course Name, Section, Teacher, Student Registrations and Actions. An arrow points to the Course menu item in the top bar to show the table information. There are additionally two arrows pointing to the Exam Only text within the Teacher column. 
  • Ensure that students have joined the appropriate AP section with their teacher and the Exam Only section with their local school to receive scores.
  • Refer to the AP Coordinator Manual, pg 64, for additional information.
  • Visit the AP Exam Administration, Ordering & Scores page for vital AP dates and other information.

Keep in Mind

  • While Michigan Virtual provides instruction for online students, they do not administer AP Exams.
  • Avoid adding students to the roster of a teacher who teaches the same AP course locally.
  • Keep in mind that Exam Only sections will not have access to AP Classroom resources as students receive these from their online instructors.
  • Students no longer need to bubble in the "online provider code" on their AP answer sheet. As long as a student has joined both the appropriate AP section with their teacher and the Exam Only section with their local school, both parties will receive scores.

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