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Michigan Virtual Guardian/Parent Communication Protocol

Note: This only applies to enrollments provided by a school partner. 
  • Michigan Virtual considers school mentors and guardians/parents to be our partners in education.
  • Due to the critical role that mentors play in understanding and expressing their school’s student and community needs, Michigan Virtual instructors are expected to communicate directly with the school mentor regarding student progress and concerns.
    • As the enroller of the student, the local school is the first resource and primary contact that Michigan Virtual instructors will communicate with regarding student status and progress.
    • Guardians/parents are encouraged to reach out to the local school mentor for more information about Michigan Virtual courses and student progress.
  • If a mentor is unresponsive following two consecutive attempts to facilitate communication to support a student, the Michigan Virtual instructor should seek contact with the guardian/parent identified in the Student Learning Portal.
  • Instructors are encouraged to freely communicate with guardian/parent included in the Student Learning Portal who seek communication with them directly, however, school mentors should also be notified and/or included in these communications unless there is an extenuating circumstance.
    • Guardians/parents are encouraged to utilize the Student Learning Portal to review their student’s progress at any time.

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