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Early End Date Requirements and Expectations for K-12 Courses

Enrollment Expectations

  • When enrolling students with Michigan Virtual, it is highly recommended that enrollers choose an end date that aligns closely with their local end date.
    • It may not be an exact match, but choosing the end date closest to the local end date creates less confusion for the mentor, the teacher, and the student.
  • The selected end date is chosen by the student’s local school (not Michigan Virtual) and provides a clear and visible data point that all parties can access.
  • This end date appears for students and mentors in the Student Learning Portal (SLP) and in Brightspace.
  • The end date listed in our systems is considered the student’s official end date and is what teachers will use in communications with the students.  If a school would like to communicate a different pace or end date, that is acceptable locally, but Michigan Virtual’s teachers are not a part of this process.

End Date Expectations

  • Michigan Virtual instructors cannot “track” individual students’ or schools’ end dates when they differ from what appears in our official systems.
  • If a school would like their student to finish before the end date published in the SLP:
    • Students may complete a course earlier than their published end date, but may not continue to work after their published end date.
    • Advise your students of the end date you would like them to adhere to.
    • Provide the teacher time to grade (72 hours for all courses with the exception of AP courses and ELA courses, where the time frame is 96 hours). This time frame does not include weekends or holidays.
    • An extra 12-24 hours can be required to allow the Student Learning Portal (SLP)  to sync with Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS) during times of high submissions or web traffic.
    • Once a student’s work has been graded and the grade is matching in both the SLP and Brightspace, a mentor may request that a teacher finalizes that student’s score. *Once finalized, it cannot be undone.
    • Upon finalization, the teacher and the student will lose access to the course and no additional work may be submitted.
  • If a school would like their student to finish by the date listed in the SLP:
    • Teachers will grade any student work received by 11:59 pm on the student’s end date and submit a final score no later than seven calendar days after the student’s end date.
  • Graduating Seniors
    • The only exception to this procedure is for graduating seniors during the 2nd semester.
    • Mentors can provide an early end date for seniors and teachers will do their best to keep track of these end dates.
    • Once an early end date is communicated, however, it is not able to be changed except to the “official” date in the SLP.

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