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Guardians: View My Student's Grades

Intended Audience: Students, Guardians 


This process explains how students and guardians can access grade and assignment-related information for a course using the Student Learning Portal (SLP). The Gradebook feature provides an overview of the assignments for each course and the current score if the assignment has been completed. However, for instructor feedback, it is necessary to log into the relevant Learning Management System (LMS). Note that the "completed" date displayed corresponds to the date the student submitted the assignment within the course.


  1. First, tap Gradebook from the left navigation menu. As a result, a table containing a list of active course information will be displayed. 
  2. At this point, tap the View Details button.
    Note: The "Points" column contains the total points earned of total points possible. 
    The Gradebook page is shown with a list of courses. An arrow points to the Gradebook menu option on the left and to the View Details button within the page courses module.
  3. Finally, review the information and the grade and assignment details.
    The Gradebook Details page is shown with Assignments, possible points, points earned, grade, completion date and exemption status.

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