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My Progress

Intended Audience: Students


This article provides instructions on how to access the My Progress page in the Brightspace Learning Management System (LMS), which allows students to check their course progress at any time.


Begin by accessing your course in the Student Learning Portal (SLP). Once you're in your course, you can easily review your Progress Summary page by clicking on My Progress in the course level menu bar. 

The course homepage is shown with an arrow pointing to My Progress in the top navbar.

You can also access any of the sections listed below through the navigation menu on the left.
The progress summary page is displayed. On the left menu course details are shown with each selection above listed. On the right of the page grades, discussions and assignment progress is shown. 

  • Grades: This section displays the grades you have received so far. To view a list of your grades, simply click on the "Expand Grades Received" arrow.
  • Discussions: In this section, you can see the number of posts you have read, threads you have created, and replies you have posted. To view a list of your active posts, click on the "Expand Posts Authored" arrow. Each topic is linked for easy access.
  • Assignments: This section has two categories that you can expand: (1) Graded Submissions - Here, you can view the grade you received on a previously submitted assignment. (2) Awaiting Grade - This category displays the assignments you have submitted but your instructor has not yet graded them.
  • Quizzes: You can expand this section to view two categories: (1) Completed Quizzes - Here, you can view the grades you received for quizzes you have submitted. (2) Quizzes Awaiting Grade - This category displays the quizzes you have submitted but are yet to be graded by your instructor. 
  • Course Access: This section shows the frequency of your course access and the date of your most recent login.
  • Login History: This section displays how many times you have logged into this course and the date of your last access.

To find the Print and Help icons, look for them in the upper right corner of any of the aforementioned pages. To print a copy of the page, click on the Print icon. This will display a print preview. If you want to modify the print settings, click on Settings, make the necessary adjustments, and then click Save and Close. Finally, click on Print located at the bottom of the page.

To get help with the information on the page, click on the Help icon to learn more about what you're viewing.

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