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Brightspace Quizzes

Intended Audience: Students


The quizzes within Brightspace are utilized to assess your progress and knowledge retention. The questions can be selected randomly or in a specific order, and can vary from student to student. The grading of the questions can be done automatically or manually. To aid in understanding the quiz before you attempt it, important details have been provided below.


  1. First, access your Brightspace course.
  2. Next, tap Course Activities and then select Lessons from the Navbar. As a result, a list of units and assignments will be displayed. Quizzes will be identified by a question mark within a black square.
    The lessons page is displayed with a unit expanded. An arrow points to the quiz icon as described above.
  3. Now, tap the linked title to open the quiz summary page. This page will highlight the important quiz information such as:
    • Points. This will tell you how many points will be received for taking this quiz, what types of questions will be asked (multiple choice, written, etc.) and how many attempts you can submit.
    • Quiz Details. This section will display the current time (you can update this time by tapping “Update” after you have reviewed the quiz summary page), time allowed and number of attempts allowed.
    • Instructions. Review all instructions carefully to ensure you understand the expectations of this quiz.
      Note: Some quizzes/tests will be password protected. Your mentor will provide you with this password before you can begin.
    • Time Allowed. Please note that Quizzes will "auto-submit" after the time limit has been reached.
      Instructions and Quiz Requirements sections are displayed. An arrow points to the Quiz Password text box.
  4. Once tap Start Quiz! there will be a few features you will want to be aware of, these are:
    • Elapsed Time. The time displayed is the total time elapsed since beginning the quiz.
    • Hide Timer. This button will appear when hovering over the elapsed timer. Tap this button to no longer show the time.
    • Quiz Information. Tap this link to display additional information including attempt (number of times you have attempted this quiz) and time limit.
    • Page. On the left side of the screen are bookmarks to each question by page. Questions that you have selected an answer for will be indicated by a check mark. Those unanswered will show two dashes.
    • Questions. Each question will display the number of points the question is worth and will have a check mark with the word “Saved” next to it for answered questions that have been stored.
    • Submit Quiz. This button should be pressed once all questions have a response selected.
      Note: After tapping this button, you will see a Quiz Submission Confirmation page. Choose to either Submit Quiz or go Back to Questions.
    • Once you have tapped Submit Quiz your responses will be shown. Quiz questions that do not require instructor review will display the points earned for each question. Questions (such as written responses) that require review will have a grade applied at a later time. Tap Done to return to the Submissions page.

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