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Student Login History Progress

Intended Audience: Students


This article explains how to access the Login History Progress page, which displays the dates and times when a student has accessed their Brightspace course.


  1. First, log in to the Student Learning Portal (SLP) and access your course.
  2. Next, click on My Progress in the menu bar to go to the Progress Summary page.
  3. From the left-hand menu, select Login History. At the top of the page, you will see a count of the total number of logins and the date of the most recent login.
  4. A table showing the login dates will appear below. To view the time(s) a student logged in, click on the "# Sessions" drop-down menu.Login History Progress page is display with contents mentioned above. An arrow points to the Login History option on the left menu and to the sessions drop-down.

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