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Student Course Content Progress

Intended Audience: mentors


When gauging student progress, it may be helpful to know how much time a student has spent in their course(s). By visiting the Student Progress Page, mentors can view the total amount of time a student has spent engaging with the content in their course(s) as well as a breakdown of how the time has been spent and which parts of the course have been accessed. Follow the steps below to access this information for your students.
Note: This data does not include content that is linked outside of Brightspace as well as time spent idle, working on assignments outside of Brightspace, or time spent on non-content pages like the Class Homepage or My Progress pages.


  1. First, follow the View Progress Summary process. This will allow you to see the applicable menu option described below.
  2. Next, scroll down to the "Content" section. The total amount of time that the student has spent in the course is given as well as data on the number of times they have visited the course and how many topics they’ve accessed.
    Note: Topics can include lessons, assignments, quizzes, and any additional resources in the course.

  3. Next, tap the "Topics Visited" section to see details on the most recent items the student has worked on. Note that the time shown below each item is the total of all visits to that item.
  4. At this point, tap Content from the left navigation menu to see additional Content Progress data. You will be able to see access data for each module of the course. Tap the triangle next to the number of topics to expand the section.
  5. Finally, view details for each item within the module.

Additional Information

For more information on interpreting the content progress report for a student, please contact the instructor.

Note that each topic item has an icon next to it that indicates the type of item it is. Refer to the key below for icon identification.


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