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Intended Audience: Affiliation Users, Mentors


This article provides instructions for Mentors or Affiliation Users to find out which Learning Management System (LMS) a student is using and how to access the platform to view their progress. 


  1. Frist, refer to the Affiliation/Mentor Determine Course LMS for Student article to check if the student is using Brightspace as their LMS.
  2. If the student is using Brightspace, scroll down to the "My Students" widget to access the list of students you are mentoring.
    1. Find the student you want to check and click on Student Summary to expand it.
      The My Students widget is highlighted showing an arrow pointing to Student Summary drop-down for a student.
    2. Click on the name of the course to view the Progress Summary which includes the following details:
      The My Students widget shows the student summary expanded to show courses the student is enrolled. An arrow points to the linked text in the course column.

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