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PLP: Modify Notification Settings

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators, MiRegistry Member


To keep track of their course activity, learners can take control of their Professional Learning Portal (PLP) course notifications. They can choose to receive periodic summaries or real-time notifications as events unfold, by following the outlined steps. It's important to note that this functionality is not applicable to ed2go courses.


To modify notifications, start by launching a course from the PLP Dashboard. Then, click the learner name located in the top right corner to reveal a drop-down menu, and then choose Notifications.

Add/Remove a Mobile Number

To receive mobile updates, select "Register your mobile" and enter the appropriate Country, Carrier, and Phone Number when prompted. If a learner needs to change their email address because they are retired, or left a district, please follow the Email Address Changed process. Please refrain from modifying any other settings in the Contact Method section.

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Receive/Discontinue Activity Summary

Learners have the option to receive a summary of their course activity via email. This digest will include a brief news update or summary of each active course in the PLP. By default, new users will receive these notifications once a week (sent every Monday at 12:00 AM). If a learner would like to modify the frequency or turn off these email notifications, they will simply tap the "How often?" drop-down field in the Summary of Activity section and then choose the desired option.

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Enable/Disable Instant Notifications for Course Activities

Instant notifications refer to notifications that are received immediately on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. These notifications enable faster access to information. In this section, you can choose to receive SMS and/or email notifications for any PLP activity that interests you.
If you disable notifications, you will not receive emails when your instructor grades your assignments.

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Include/Exclude Current Grade and Notifications for Future Courses

The Customize Notifications section provides two checkboxes that allow you to enable settings for including your current grade value in these notifications and receiving notifications from future courses.

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Choose Specific Courses to Receive Notifications

To receive notifications from only certain courses, you can select "Manage my course exclusions" from the Exclude Some Courses section.

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