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PLP: Path to Leadership (PTL)

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators


Enrollment in a particular cohort is dependent on completing the "PTL: Application" course and adhering to the outlined application guidelines. Access to courses specific to a cohort is granted only upon receipt of an acceptance email. Upon receiving this confirmation, learners can proceed to register for Michigan Association of Secondary Principals (MASSP) "Path to Leadership" courses within the cohort. This article provides detailed instructions on locating and accessing these courses within the Professional Learning Portal (PLP). 


The PLP catalog is accessible to users whether they are logged into the platform or not. If a learner is not logged in, they can visit to explore the catalog. For logged-in users, they can select the "Register for course" option from the left menu. In both cases, learners can search for Path to Leadership (PTL) courses following the instructions below. 

  1. Search "PTL": To find Path to Leadership courses easily, access the PLP catalog, enter the keyword "PTL" in the Search for Courses field at the top of the page, and then tap the Find Course button.
  2. Next, examine the fundamental details and credit hours relevant to the course. If further information is required, tap the "info" link. Learners must ensure they only enroll in the modules designated for their cohort; registering for courses outside their cohort will result in denial of course registration.
  3. Finally, continue to step 3 of the Register for Course article to complete the enrollment process. 

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