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PLP: Brightspace Navigation

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators, MiRegistry Member


Brightspace is the primary platform used for Professional Learning Portal (PLP) courses. When learners identify that their course is hosted on Brightspace, they can refer to the information below for a better understanding of how to navigate their course.

Navigation Bar

A Brightspace course is shown will all content blurred minus the navigation bar a the top of the page. An arrow points to the tabs outlined below.

  • The My PLP tab offers links to general resources. Clicking it displays My Home for accessing Brightspace's homepage, My Account to return to the PLP Dashboard, and Course Catalog for exploring and purchasing additional courses.
  • The Course Links tab is a learner's course navigation hub, with options varying by course. It typically includes Content and Grades, and may also feature Course Home, Announcements, Discussions, and Class Progress. Course Home serves as the course's starting point (not all courses have it). Content grants direct access to the course table of contents, including bookmarks, schedules, and overviews in some cases. Announcements share course-related info (not available in all courses), Discussions are for participating in conversations, and Grades track progress.
  • The Help & Support tab provides access to SCECH policies and contact information for Customer Care, helping learners with their inquiries and support needs.
  • The Check Completion Status tab will open a new window where learners can view their final grade and individual assignment grades.
  • The Certificate tab enables learners to access and share their certificates and awards.

Course Content

By default, the course content page is visible. Learners can easily return to this page by clicking the Course Links tab and selecting Content. On this page, learners will find the table of contents positioned in the center. Each item can be expanded vertically to access the course's lessons and assignments.


Learners can customize their experience by making adjustments to personal settings within their Brightspace courses. These adjustments can be changing profile information, managing notifications, or changing account settings.

Begin by selecting the learner name in the top right corner of the page and selecting one of the following:

  • Profile: Tap this option to add or make changes to the learners nickname, homepage, social media profiles, contact and/or education information. 
  • My Portfolio: View active and completed courses for the learner.
  • Notifications: Manage what system notifications are sent to a learner. 
  • Account Settings: Set pronouns, adjust font size, adjust reading content/video settings/time zone and more.

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