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PLP: Bloodborne Pathogens

Intended Audience: Professional Learners/Educators


Bloodborne Pathogens is amongst the most popular courses in our Professional Learning Portal (PLP) catalog. This course is designed for education professionals and focuses on raising awareness about the risks associated with bloodborne pathogens (BBP) in the workplace. It covers essential information about OSHA's bloodborne pathogens standard, including the fundamental controls necessary to ensure safety. This article provides a simple guide on how to locate this course within the catalog.


The PLP catalog is accessible to users whether they are logged into the platform or not. If a learner is not logged in, they can visit to explore the catalog. For logged-in users, they can select the "Register for course" option from the left menu. In both cases, learners can utilize the search options provided below.

  • Search "Bloodborne": To find the Bloodborne Pathogens Course easily, access the PLP catalog, enter the keyword "Bloodborne" in the Search for Courses field at the top of the page, and then tap the Find Course button.
  • Filter: Instead of using keywords, you can use filters to find the course. Choose "Compliance" from the Category and "Self-Paced" from the Format dropdown options. Then, scroll through the results below to find the Bloodborne Pathogens course.

Learners can find additional information in the Register for a Course or Create an Account articles.

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