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MiCourses: Frequently Asked Questions - Catalog Manager

Intended Audience: Catalog Managers, Districts

Does Michigan's Online Course Catalog contain online courses?

No. Michigan's Online Course Catalog is populated with course titles and syllabi submitted by local school districts, intermediate school districts and Michigan Virtual. The site is intended to be a general source of information for parents, students, and schools to provide them with the information needed to make enrollment decisions.

Will enrollments occur through Michigan's Online Course Catalog?

No. Enrollment in online courses does not occur through the website. Instead, each course syllabus includes the contact information for enrolling in the online course. In order to ensure the online courses are paid for and recognized by the local school district, enrollment should be handled by the local school.

Are course offerings be shared with Michigan Virtual?

Yes. Per Section 21f(7)(a), when a Catalog Manager creates a course offering it must be shared with Michigan Virtual

Can a Catalog Manager (district) submit their online courses to Michigan Virtual for review? 

No. Michigan Virtual does not review district courses.

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