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MiCourses: Performance Data

Intended Audience: Catalog Managers


Section 21f(7)(c) requires districts or ISDs who offered online courses through Section 21f to provide Michigan Virtual with a) the number of enrollments in each online course the district or ISD offered to pupils in the immediately preceding school year, and b) the number of enrollments in which the pupil earned 60% or more of the total course points for each online course.


  1. First, select the Courses tab from the top navigation bar, then select the Edit button next to the course title in the "Name" column.
  2. Next, tap Performance Data from the left menu and then select the Add Performance Data button to include the School Year, Enrollment Count, Pass Count and/or Notes.
  3. At this point, enter the number of enrollments in the course of which you kept the 60-80% enrollment payment. If the course was offered during the preceding year, but there were no enrollments, please enter the number “0”. 
  4. When finished, tap the Save button to apply changes.

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